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The gala ceremony of the .eu Web Awards 2018, competition launched by EURid to acknowledge the best .eu websites, took place in Brussels on November 21st. This occasion saw the triumph of Fondazione ICONS in the categories 'Laurels' and 'Better World'. Fondazione ICONS is a foundation established with the aim of improving human capital development in today's society, and through its iCube Programme, focused on scientific communication, provides citizens and professionals with the right tools to understand innovation and the impact of European research on society.

Launched in 2014, the .eu Web Awards are an online competition organised by EURid to acknowledge the best .eu and .ею websites. Each website is selected and evaluated by a committee composed of leading web experts in Europe. Over the years, the .eu web Awards have improved the visibility of hundreds of high-impact websites from across Europe.

FETFX.EU and stardustproject.eu, created through Fondazione ICONS iCube Programme, received the most important recognition, winning the .eu Awards 2018 respectively in the 'Laurels' category - reserved for websites representing educational institutions, charitable organizations and Pan-European projects - and 'Better World' - dedicated to websites representing green initiatives and environmentally-friendly organizations in support of the environment.

EURid has recognized the first prize at FETFX.EU thanks to the professional and modern features of the website, with a consistent visual design, great use of tagging for content. Further strengths: good search tool, very rich multimedia content, engaging stories and inspiring projects, capable of giving life to scientific subject. Finally, very good accessibility with different devices. stardustproject.eu was awarded for great visuals, consistent and intuitive navigation, good adaptation of design and images for alternative media. Impressive progress related to the type of project.

Among the prizes, two months advertising campaign at Brussels Airport. Con Wix Blog puoi fare tutto dal tuo smartphone: scrivere post, seguire i membri, gestire i commenti e altro ancora.

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