Theresia Orchestra is a professional training

programme reserved to talented musicians under 30 years

of age coming from the major European schools of early music.

A unique example at the international level, the orchestra has been established in 2012 under a private patronage scheme. Since 2016 the orchestra has been supported by Fondazione iCons. The foundation provides the orchestra with administrative and organisational frameworks to facilitate the development of its training and artistic activities.


Fondazione iCons awards educational grants to all 35 permanent members of the orchestra for the duration of one or two years. The grants aim to provide the young musicians with refined instruments to improve their playing and building awareness on the specific features of the classical music repertoire.


More than 600 training hours, 3 principal conductors, 8 tutors, 110 musicians, 400 applications received from 32 world countries, 40 concerts in several venues throughout Europe are the numbers that better describe the work that Theresia has done so far.

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